The techniques employed in SEO

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SEO is a mode of online marketing which is getting very popular among the entrepreneurs all over the world. Before understanding the SEO in a simple way you have to understand the functioning of the search engines such as google, yahoo and bingo. First imagine the worldwide web which is an infinite space where billions of files are poured waiting for the visitors to see. It can be compared to a vast library having billions of books and the visitors asking for their choice. The search engine software is the savior providing the most relevant files to the visitors searching out from the billions of files floating the space. The search engines have developed a complicated mechanism to perform this apparently impossible and gigantic job utilizing computer software and mathematical algorithms. They have considered more than four hundred signals and 4000 sub signals in order to identify the most relevant information which is related to the keyword which is entered by the visitors in the search engines. The ranking is done by the algorithm which is a complicated mathematical model by analyzing the signals and sub signals which are fed into it by the crawler software continuously. This process of ranking is a live process and is being done continuously. This means that once a web site is ranked high in the search engine does not guarantee that it will continue to remain in that rank forever.


The role of SEO


In order to design the web site of the companies willing to reach their target customer through the medium of internet the search engine optimization agencies have come up. These companies have experts who have an in-depth knowledge regarding the operation of the search engines. They also know that the search engines in order to escape the attempts of the spammers continue to change their algorithms. These aspects are discussed in the SEO conference which is conducted by the search engines forum to appraise the clients about the facts and figures related to the operation of the SEO. Often the clients are unable to understand the roles of the SEO experts in the ranking process of their web site. They think that they are unnecessarily robbed of their valuable money in the name of the ranking. They have an apprehension that the SEO experts are simply whiling away their time in gossips. In the conferences arranged by the SEO agencies all such points can be clarified.


The pillars of SEO campaign


Let us understand the ways the SEO works. The points which they take care in the site structure are the domain history, standards of WWW consortium, time of page loading and the architecture of the site.  In the domain history the oldness of the web site and the quality of the backlink and its age influences the ranking. The search engines prefer the websites having fast page loading features. The usability of the subject web site is the other criterion liked by the search engines.


The next one belongs to the editorial section which includes volume of the web site, optimized content, structure of the content, freshness of the web site and variety. The amount of texts as well as pictures in the content, use of proper number of keywords in right places, keeping the web content fresh by adding frequently and use of video, info graphics etc. increases the ranking of the web site.


The third pillar is the popularity of the web site which is signified by volume of the backlinks, quality of the backlinks, social presence and social engagement. The feature of a good web site is good links which is preferred by the search engines. The social interaction in the social media is highly appreciated as a sign of reliable web site.


This information about the SEO is shared in the SEO conference.

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